It is the most stimulating color in human psychology.

meaning and emotional responses are complex and diverse

controlling and liberating

energy, love, hyper, sensuousness, happiness, good fortune

Red is the color of our Life's Force.

The color red in my work excites me, along with the forms, the beauty,

the concepts and the psychology it entices.

the freedom of human spirit

The color red permeates humanity and stimulates optimism.

A joy and a sensuousness that is the very color that runs through our

veins our very Life force


-Richard MacDonald

Richard MacDonald: red is a solo exhibition that presented a profoundly exciting new direction in the artist's career. It featured 42 bronze sculptures, from quarter life to heroic, together with original drawings from throughout the artist’s career, all united within this common color structure.


The point of departure for the exhibition is a written composition by MacDonald himself. red reveals the artist’s approach to the color, including essential points of intersection at emotional, visceral and inspirational levels. Included in the exhibition’s print invitations to collectors, red is printed on the gallery walls. It highlights MacDonald’s polymath approach to his art, from the visual aesthetic to the esoteric and the philosophical.