30 Years of Creative Passion

Creativity, Courage, Passion. 

Our lives make an indelible impression on the human story of which we are a vital part: each one of us has a myriad of connections that will reverberate through time. Yet, wistfully, we have to admit that so many of our beautiful moments are like flashes of light and color seen through the shifting glass of a kaleidoscope. They can be remembered, but not held, and the patterns shift and change as we watch. The art of bronze sculpture truly endures. It fixes the ephemeral experiences of life and gives them form and substance. 

Richard MacDonald has a lifetime of inspiration, creativity, and passion to draw from, and he has brought art to life through his imagination and dedication. Once realized in bronze, his moments of inspiration become ours too. 

It takes courage to make a mark on the future. It takes creativity to distill the experiences of a lifetime into art that has meaning and beauty. It takes passion beyond words to stay the course on the uncharted path of an artist. Thirty years becomes visible—tangible--and these moments will speak beyond our time